About Us

Core Values

  • Innovation Grows Hope– The Telos Project is dedicated to growing hope within the communities we serve through innovative care. We believe in creative client specific approaches to care taking into account cutting edge models in mental health, therapy and community development.
  • Accessibility Builds Trust – We understand offering services which are welcoming, culturally respectful, and inclusive is critical to creating a successful relationship with a client or community. We strive to build an equitable and inclusive space for anyone who walks through the doors of our center, into a local community meeting or private session.
  • Responsive focused service delivery creates outstanding care– Our team is committed to an ethic of timely, efficient, and reliable service to the community and the individuals who make up our clients. We believe our clients deserve a spiritually rich and compassionate environment in which they feel heard, safe, respected, and supported.
  • Collaborative work promotes Stakeholder Investment– We understand our work is a partnership not just with our colleagues and grantees but also with clients, families, and community groups. We work together with all of our Board members to set goals, identify priorities, and evaluate the results of our work.
  • Integrity and Accountability are our Foundations– We hold ourselves accountable to our clients. We believe in modeling trustworthiness and integrity which earns a high regard for the value and honor of life. This reflects an alignment between what we say, what we do, and how we do it.